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Reuse Development
Organization, Inc. (ReDO)
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ReDO's Mission: To promote reuse as an environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economical means for managing surplus and discarded materials.

ReDO is a national and international tax exempt, 501(c) (3) non-profit organization promoting reuse on every level.  ReDO was created to fill an informational void identified at a February 1995 conference on reuse, where participants voiced a desire to avoid "reinventing the wheel" and share what they had learned.

Reuse is the second priority on the national solid waste management hierarchy. Reuse means that you redistribute materials from one who no longer needs it to those who can still find use in the item(s). Reuse conserves valuable natural resources, reduces the amount of water and air pollution and green house gases, and is a means for getting materials to disadvantaged people and organizations.

ReDo is providing education, training, and technical assistance to start up and operate reuse programs. ReDO is working to create a national reuse network and infrastructure. From the simplest programs to the most complex.                                        

ReDO wants to help you make more reuse happen faster. Local and state governments, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs can turn to ReDO to get the information they need -- whether it is to share successes or warn of pitfalls -- ReDO's technical resources can help. ReDO is the only organization dedicated exclusively to the issue of reuse.



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