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Reuse Development
Organization, Inc. (ReDO)
c/o The Loading Dock
2 North Kresson Street
Baltimore, MD 21224
Phone:  410.558.3625 ex. 15
Fax:  410.558.1888
Who is ReDO?

Mission, Board, Expertise, Participants.

The mission of the Reuse Development Organization, Inc. (ReDO): to promote reuse as an environmentally sound, socially beneficial, and economical means of managing surplus and discarded materials
ReDO is a national and international tax-exempt, 501c3 non-profit organization promoting reuse on every level.  ReDO was created to fill an informational void identified at a February 1995 conference on reuse, where participants voiced a desire to avoid "reinventing the wheel" and share what they have learned.

ReDO's Board of Directors includes national leaders who have operated model reuse efforts that recover thousands of tons of building materials, equipment, furniture, food, and industrial materials.  Board members represent both urban and rural program expertise.

Whether you have materials to reuse, operate a reuse effort, want to start one up, or just want to understand how reuse helps us all, ReDO can help you be more successful through reuse by:

  • Providing the most up-to-date information on the entire field of reuse;
  • Explaining what others have done in their successful reuse efforts to help you avoid "reinventing the wheel" in your work to create more local reuse options;
  • Connecting you to others interested in reuse through electronic and in-person discussions of how to make more reuse happen faster;
  • Optimizing your reuse efforts by providing the expertise of successful operations through planning and consulting assistance.

ReDO meets our goals by providing:

  • The most comprehensive database of reuse opportunities ever compiled;
  • In-depth case studies detailing solid waste reduction, employment, and community development goals achieved through reuse;
  • Video tours of model reuse operations;
  • The opportunity to participate in an on-going dialogue, efficiently ask questions and get answers, through a unique listserve forum dedicated exclusively to reuse;
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