Thank You to All of Our Volunteers!

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Last updated 9/22/17


9/13 & 9/20/17 - Thank you Under Armour!

We were visited by 2 groups of volunteers who helped us start and complete several projects. Volunteers helped organize our cabinet door & drawer and appliance aisles, and prep materials for the upcoming Fells Point Festival in October. Their help was very much appreciated!

8/4/17 - Thanks JHU Carey School of Business!

We were lucky to have such a large group volunteering with us from JHU! These students completed a lot for their first time volunteering! They helped TLD tidy up by sweeping our warehouse, re-organizing our bricks and pavers, and picking up litter from around our facility.

7/11/17 - Thank you Civic Leadership!

These teens did a great job helping out around the warehouse with cleaning sorting product!

July 2017 - Thank you Blind Industries!

We were so glad to have volunteers return to help us throughout the month of July. They kept our warehouse tidy and helped us sort through lots of product like carpet tile. We hope to have them back next summer!


We are very lucky to have volunteers who come on a weekly basis. One of these people is Jonathan who comes with a background of building material and tool knowledge! We're so happy to see Jonathan every week and have his help!

6/26 - 6/30/17 - Thank you YNIA!

We had a great group of volunteers with us this week all the way from North Carolina! Young Neighbors in Action worked on on landscaping our garden, and added more pedestal sink planters!


Thank you to The Loading Dock, Inc.'s Board Members who came in for an afternoon of service in the warehouse. They pitched in and helped clients on the floor, moved cabinets and other products, and did a great job with Client Service. THANK YOU for all of your support!

6/19-6/23/17 - THANK YOU, Reading Partners!

Reading Partners was with us all week organizing and sorting product to help our clients find what they need easily! From cabinet shelving, to wallpaper and mirror moulding, the volunteers worked non-stop to get things in order!

6/21/17 - THANK YOU, Constellation Energy!

Constellation Energy continued our front lot beautification with more mulching. It looks great!

6/12-6/16/17 - THANK YOU, Americorps NCCC Buffalo Teams 1 & 6!

These teams were troopers the entire week during the hottest part of the year we've had so far! They helped us clean up our front entrance and yard, unload and process materials, and organize and tidy the inside of our warehouse!

5/16/17 - THANK YOU, Branch Managers of Downtown Baltimore for M&T Bank!

This great group of M&T Branch Managers chose The Loading Dock, Inc. to support with their volunteering efforts! They did a wonderful job of getting our garden area summer-ready with some heavy-duty mulching.

4/21/17 - THANK YOU, University of Baltimore Volunteers!

We had a wonderful group of volunteers from the University of Baltimore celebrating their Day of Service with us at our Warehouse! They completely cleaned up and organized our carpet tile and cabinet drawer & door aisle. What a much-needed transformation!

11/17/16 - THANK YOU, Altria Group Volunteers!

This group celebrated a whole day of service with us! They cut and rolled carpet, sorted hundreds of rolls of wall paper & packs of mirror moulding, in addition to stacking brick and mulching the front yard! We were so grateful to have had all of their help and good humor!

8/25/16 - Thank you AmeriCorps NCCC's Atlantic Region Falcon 2 & Moose 3 team!

These volunteers helped tidy around the warehouse and cleaned ALL of the toilets being stored outside. This is really important for keeping mosquito larvae from setting up house!

7/2 - 7/30/16

Thank you AmeriCorps NCCC's Atlantic Region Falcon 4 team!

These volunteers helped out at The Loading Dock for almost every Saturday in July. We are always happy to host these hard-working volunteers (who also have a great sense of humor)!

7/18 - 7/27/16

Thank you Mujattid and Damir from Blind Industries and Services of Maryland Youth Programs!

Mujuattid and Damir volunteered for almost two weeks in our warehouse. They were troopers through the heat and helped us with evrything from cleaning appliances to painting doors for new signage. Thank you!

6/27 - 6/30/16

We were so happy to work again with Young Neighbors in Action! Thank you!

This group from all over the country worked together and helped out mulching our front garden, yard clean-up, unloading donated lumber, even re-organizing our cabinet door section! Plus, they got to participate in the Baltimore Mobile Community Brick Factory!


AmeriCorps NCCC's Atlantic Region team volunteered with us for 2 weeks this spring, contributing a total of over 530 hours of service combined as a team! They re-organized our door section, moved thousands of bricks, cleared our front yard, and even gave all of our toilets a spring cleaning. Thank you, AmeriCorps NCCC!


Team members from the Americorps NCCC - Atlantic Region helped us out by cutting roles of cove base for one of our workshops with the Baltimore Museum of Art. They cut several workshops' worth!



6/8/15 - Thank you TLD Board Members!

Our Board Members love us so much, they decided to do a Day of Service here at The Loading Dock!

6/8/15 - Our Board Members were measuring/cutting Tyvek® House Wrap insulation into smaller quantities and sorting/organizing ceramic tiles from the good and defective ones to show the marketing value.

5/6/2015 - Thank You Turner Construction Co.!

We would like to thank Turner Construction Company for their volunteer efforts here at TLD. They've spent time in the tile section sorting and organizing our abundance of tiles!

5/6/15 - Thank You Turner Construction Co.!

4/13/15 - Thank you Constellation Energy!

We greatly appreciate your volunteering efforts here at The Loading Dockthe help with sorting and organizing the overload of Cove base molding, you guys rocked it!

5/8/12 - Thank you to the Community Support Services for the Deaf and Blind

For almost 2 years, the Community Support Services for the Deaf and Blind weekly sort the carpet tiles, removing any off spec sizes. Having our carpet tile sorted before it is placed on the floor, allows our clients to acquire the materials easier and creates less clutter on the warehouse floor. Our staff looks forward to seeing these volunteers each week.

5/5/12 US Bankruptcy Court Volunteers

US Bankruptcy Court staffers volunteered all day with us. They organized materials and sorted carpet tile many pallets of carpet tile. Thank you!

11/5/11 - Thank You First Annapolis Consulting for Volunteering with TLD

Thank you First Annapolis Consulting for volunteering with The Loading Dock. They spent the morning sorting tons of granite pavers and organizing TLD's window section. GREAT JOB!

2/26/11 - Thank You for Volunteering AmeriCorps* NCCC

Thank you AmeriCorps*NCCC for volunteering with TLD. These volunteers worked in the paint section, cleared up debris around our warehouse, and organized the warehouse. Thank you for your help!

2/26/11 Volunteers

4/1/10 - Thank you to the Community Support Services for the Deaf and Blind

We are so excited to have so many volunteers helping out with work inside and outside the warehouse.

Starting in January, the Community Support Services for the Deaf and Blind weekly sort the carpet tiles, removing any off spec sizes. Having our carpet tile sorted before it is placed on the floor, allows our clients to acquire the materials easier and creates less clutter on the warehouse floor. Our staff looks forward to seeing these volunteers each week.

2/27 - 3/6 - The Loading Dock loves when AmeriCorps*NCCC volunteers.

Thank you spending the day with us.

2/19/10 - Thank you RSM McGladrey for volunteering with The Loading Dock.

1/20/10 - Thank you Urban Land Institute Young Leaders for volunteering with The Loading Dock

11/11/09 - Thank you AmeriCorps*NCCC for working with TLD for 6 weeks.

Here are a few of their accomplishments

10/9/09 - Thank You Mid-Atlantic Farm Credit for Volunteering with TLD.

9/12/09 - Thank You Johns Hopkins Students for your Day of Service

6/16/09 - Thank you T. Rowe Price for Volunteering at TLD

6/1/09 - Thank you Katz Abosch for Volunteering at TLD

6/24-6/26/13 - Thank you Young Neighbors in Action!

Young Neighbors In Action,a program the brings together youth from around the country for a week of community service and solidarity with others.

These young volunteers were fantastic! They have reorganized our granite pavers section. Come in a see their great work!

5/5/12 - AmeriCorps Team Volunteered ALL WEEK!!!

TLD hosted an AmeriCorps*NCCC team all week. This incredibly motivated group aided staff in organizing and cleaning the warehouse, sorted hundreds of pavers, and gave our landscaping some much needed attention. Thank you for your hard work.

4/20/12 - Thank You AmeriCorps*NCCC Team!

TLD hosted an AmeriCorps*NCCC team to organize and make the warehouse more easily accessible.   
Due to their hard work:
* The door section is reorganized and expanded  
* New warehouse signs give shopping tips and price guidelines
* A tile mosaic brightens up the entrance   
* And our landscaping is freshly mulched!  
We thank the team for all their hard work and wish them luck as they continue their year of service.  

4/10/11 - Thank You AmeriCorps NCCC for Volunteer at TLD

2/17/11 - Thank You AmeriCorps NCCC

Thank you AmeriCorps NCCC for volunteering with TLD. These volunteers worked in the paint section, checking paint, making sure the colors match the paint lids, and restocked the section with even more paint. Thank you for your help!



3/31/10 - TLD is getting greener thanks to The Baltimore Free Farm and AmeriCorps *NCCC

Another project going on is our tree and shrub planting. AmeriCorps*NCCC and the Baltimore Free Farm have be instrumental in planting and cleaning up the area.

TLD thanks Diane Wheaton and Pam Stiles for their expertise in designing the beds and recruiting donations of plants.


11/7/09 - Thank you CITI Financial for volunteer with TLD

CitiFinancial volunteers in Baltimore, Maryland, teamed up to help out at The Loading Dock, a non-profit building materials recycle/reuse facility with a mission to improve communities and the environment by redistributing surplus building materials. The CitiFinancial team cleaned, sorted, labeled, lifted and restocked.

"What a great day!” said volunteer Cheryl Parrish. “My group started by organizing piles of long countertops. As we finished, customers were checking out the items that they can now see and easily touch. Later, as I was wiping the grime off my seventh stainless steel sink, I saw a young couple admire my team's just cleaned shelf of sinks. They pulled one off the shelf. They walked down the aisle at The Loading Dock, hand in hand, carrying one of "our sinks" off to a new life.

“Another Citi volunteer helped an older couple load a stove onto a flatbed cart. He overheard the wife saying that this will be the first year she will be able to cook a turkey for her family's Thanksgiving dinner since she will finally have enough burners that work and an oven that is big enough. Our team worked non-stop, lifting, stacking, moving, reorganizing and washing. I was wiped out, but I left feeling good about what had been accomplished. What a great place to volunteer!"

7/30/09 - Thank you Crown Imports for Volunteering at TLD

7/10/09 - Thank You Johns Hopkins Civic Institute for Volunteering at TLD

5/21/09 - TLD’s Board of Directors Volunteers