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Last updated 8/28/19


Smithsonian Magazine

We're so proud to be included in this article and recognized as the nation's first non-profit building materials reuse center. We're especially honored to be included with other pioneers of this industry, including other organizations also run by women, like our featured friends at Community Forklift - Nonprofit Reuse Center For Home Improvement.

Baltimore Sun - Prime Living

We're so pleased our wonderful volunteers were featured in the Baltimore Sun's Prime Living insert!

The Loading Dock, Inc. has a dynamic and diverse volunteer program, and we're proud and grateful to have volunteers with us ranging from individuals to groups and with all abilities. We love our volunteers!

If you are interested in learning more about our volunteer programs, please email

Towson Lifestyle

The Loading Dock, Inc. is the cover article for Towson Lifestyle magazine for their April 2019 green issue! The cover photo features some of the amazing graffiti art that surrounds our property.

BUILD Maryland

We're so excited to be the cover feature for Maryland Building Industry Association's BUILD Maryland magazine for their May/June 2018 issue!

Best Things Maryland

The Loading Dock's DIY workshops named one of the 15 Best Free Things to Do in Maryland!

Attendee learning how to prepare reclaimed wood flooring for installation.

The Loading Dock & The Contemporary Museum

A pARTnership & project at the Peale Museum

April - July 2016

Only When It's Dark Enough Can You See The Stars, a project with New York-based artist Abigail DeVille presented by The Contemporary at the former Peale Museum located at 225 N. Holiday Street. Opened in 1814, the Peale Museum is the first building in the Western Hemisphere to be built and designed as a museum.

The Loading Dock donated most of the reclaimed materials used in the creation of the project.

9/13/16 - CITYPAPER'S 2016 BEST OF BALTIMORE: "Best Museum Show"

8/22/16 - Baltimore Magazine's Best Of Baltimore 2016: "Best Exhibition"

6/13/16 - MOMUS, Owen Duffy

Abigail DeVille Uncovers Bodies at The Contemporary

DeVille at her Artist Talk on 4/25/16

5/25/16 - City Paper, Rebekah Kirkman

Abigail DeVille dwells in history, interpretation, and power at the former Peale Museum

Curatorial tour on 5/18/16

5/5/16 - Baltimore Magazine, Gabriella Souza

New Project From The Contemporary Explores our Relationship with History

Work by New York-based artist Abigail DeVille occupies historic Peale Museum.

3/16/16 - Bmoreart, Rebecca Juliette



Other News

6/11/09 - Reuse Centers Thrive in Economic Recession

This video was created by VOA News. It gives a great overview of TLD's warehouse.





Artscape 2016

Artscape is America's largest free arts festival,which The Loading Dock features installations created from materials from our warehouse, by local artist Michael Metcalf.

7/16/16 - Baltimore Sun, Artscape Photo Gallery

Photos by Caitlyn Faw


7/14/16 - Baltimore Sun, Chris Kaltenbach

Six Highlights of Artscape 2016

The Loading Dock's installation was listed as one of six things not to miss!

The Loading Dock & the
Baltimore Museum of Art

Commons Collaboration: Architectural Intervention

"As a compliment to the exhibition Imagining Home, Baltimore-based artist Marian April Glebes, in collaboration with the non-profit building materials reuse facility The Loading Dock, presented a project on the material nature of home. The collaboration explored what our homes are made from and what this can tell us about our shared history and sense of place. The project consisted of installations at the BMA as well as The Loading Dock, accompanied by a year-long series of public programs."

For more information about our pARTnership with the BMA, including other projects like the Community Brick Factory, and workshops hosted at the BMA, visit our PARTnerships page here:

8/4/16 - BmoreArt. Amber Eve Anderson

Three Sheds for Three Sites

"Home, museum, salvaged material re-use center—these are the sites and subjects of Marian April Glebes’ Three Sheds for Three Sites, a triptych of sculptures that explores concepts of mobility and preservation through curated objects in three locations."

11/4/15 - Citypaper, Ellen Luptin

The BMA's new 'Imagining Home' exhibition combines audience participation and multimedia displays

This article discusses The Loading Dock's involvement with the new exhibit opening at the BMA and Baltimore artist, Marian April Glebes.

Glebes' installation at the BMA in the "Inspiring Home" exhibit was made almost entirely of materials from The Loading Dock

The Baltimore Mobile Community Brick Factory

June 2016

Marian April Glebes, in collaboration with Josh Copus, launched the Baltimore Mobile Community Brick Factory. This project is an extension of Glebes' year-long project, in partnership with The Loading Dock, at the Baltimore Museum of Art's Patricia and Mark Joseph Education Center.

10/24/15 - The Baltimore Sun, Mary MariaCarole McCauley

"Imagining Home" exhibit opens Sunday at Baltimore Museum of Art

Glebes' satellite exhibit for the BMA at The Loading Dock

10/22/15 - Examiner

Imagining Home exhibit at the Baltimore Museum of Art

Slideshow of photographs from the "Imagining Home" exhibit at the BMA.