TLD Membership Guidelines

Tired of hearing "that's not in the budget" when considering building repairs? Members of The Loading Dock have access to our warehouse, which is chock full of new and reusable building supplies. The materials we have in stock depend on donations, so we may not always have everything you are looking for, but chances are we have a lot of things you need.

A membership to The Loading Dock entitles you to obtain reusable building supplies, attend "Do-It-Yourself" workshops and receive notices about special events and sales. To maintain a membership in good standing, we ask you and your cardholders to abide by the rules and guidelines listed below. All cardholders under one membership may lose their benefits if one of the cardholders violates TLD rules.

Your Membership Must be Renewed Annually

(your membership expiration date is on your card)

All Transactions are Final

Bring Help for Loading, Tools for Measuring and Measurements of What You Need

Payment Methods

Safety Rules

These rules and guidelines can also be found on the membership application.

You can download a copy of our membership application here in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat Reader required), or come to our warehouse and complete one on site.