Past Workshops

Last updated 10/29/19


We host free DIY workshops at TLD and additional workshops off-site that support our workshop program! Here are some examples of topics we've covered in the past.

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Preparing Your Garden for Fall - 10/26/19

Lexi from Waverly Ace Hardware & Garden Center returned to show participants what to do to prepare gardens & yards for the upcoming cold seasons. Attendees got to help prepare the raised garden beds at our warehouse for the winter!

Replacing Kitchen Sinks & Basic Plumbing - 10/19/19

Arman from the Station North Tool Library (SNTL) returned to teach attendees how to replace sinks & basic plumbing.

SNTL is one of our local non-profit partners - they're like a library, but for tools! SNTL seeks to empower all people to improve their lives and environments, through affordable access to tools, skills, and workspace.

They are an amazing resource for DIY folks. In addition to 3,000+ tools in their library, they also have a workshop, DIY space, and a variety of cool classes. Check them out today!

Installing Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring - 10/5/19

Returning instructor Lawrence Oliva from Second Century Homes gave attendees all the tips and tricks for working with reclaimed hardwood flooring. Participants got to try their hand at prepping the flooring, installing it with a pneumatic nail gun, and sanding it before finishing.

Rewiring Lamps with Zach (at TLD) ~ 9/14/19

Instructor Zach returned to TLD to teach the basics and tools needed for rewiring, and how to trouble-shoot finicky table and pendant lamps. Great way to kick off our fall workshop season!

Garden Art "Create with a Cause" workshop at Art with a Heart ~ 6/27/19

We had a great time partnering with Art with a Heart for a "Create with a Cause" fundraiser workshop at their location to support both of our missions! Art with a Heart enhances the lives of people in need through visual art. At this workshop participants used concrete pillars from TLD and glass tile from Art with a Heart to create beautiful mosaic garden art. We're so glad to partner with this great, local organization!


Intro to Electrical - 6/8/19

Arman Mizani from the Station North Tool Library(SNTL) returned to the TLD warehouse to teach participants how to navigate electrical issues in old houses & how to complete projects like changing out light swtiches and ceiling fans. Arman demonstrated wiring and safety skills on a mock-up circuit.

Mosaic Stepping Stones - 5/19/19

Instructor Pat Stein returned for this popular workshop to show participants how to mix thin-set mortar and grout, and turn reclaimed ceramic tile and bricks into beautiful stepping stones!

INFO SESSION: Lead-Safe Firm Recertification with the EPA - 5/11/19

Info Session hosted at TLD about obligations under EPA's Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) rule to become lead-safe certified.

If you are a renovation, repair or painting firm working in pre-1978 housing or child-occupiedfacilities, the law requires that your firm be certified (by EPA or an EPA-authorized state) and your employees trained in lead-safe work practices.

Find out more about these certifications visit:

Installing Ceramic Tile Backsplashes - 5/4/19

Instructor Mark returned to demonstrate how to install tile backsplashes through hands-on activities like spreading grout and cutting and placing tile.

Building Raised Garden Beds- 4/27/19

The Loading Dock, Inc.partnered with Waverly Ace Hardware to teach participants how to build, fill, and maintain raised garden beds using materials from TLD & Ace Hardware.

Drywall Repair with Canton Ace Hardware (at TLD)~ 3/9/19

Courtney, one of our partners at Canton Ace Hardware, returned to demonstrate how to patch, troubleshoot, and repair holes in drywall.

Participants learned how to prep, spackle & smooth drywall surfaces to conceal dents, nicks, nail holes, and even larger sized holes using a variety of materials readily available at The Loading Dock, Inc. or local hardware store.

Cove Base Rugs with SCRAP B-More - 2/10/19

Nancy from SCRAP B-More showed us how to make rugs out of cove base (the vinyl material that runs along the wall by the floor). These mats are creative way to repurpose a material into something really useful!

Light Fixture Succulent planters at B.Willow ~ 1/8/19

The Loading Dock, Inc. paired up for this workshop with B.Willow, an indoor plant and terrarium shop located in the Baltimore neighborhood of Remington. Participants turned repurposed glass light covers into beautiful succulent planters to take home.

B.Willow Wall-mount Light Vine Planters - 6/26/18

We had a great time teaming up again with B.Willow, a indoor plant and terrarium store in Remington. Participants used wallmount light fixtures from TLD and turned them into beautiful planters for vining tropical plants from B.Willow. You can make your own too with a fixture from TL, and plants & potting at B.Willow!

DIY Light Planter steps:

1) Take out electrical components. You'll need wire cutters, screwdrivers, and needle-nose pliers.

2) See if there's room for water to drain out of the bottom of the fixture. If it's a big hole, you will need to put a stone over it when potting to make sure the soil doesn't fall out.

3) Layer gravel then soil, leaving about 2" from the top of the planter. You can also layer with mica or stones to create a beautiful design that you can see through the glass.

4) Add your plant and mount the planter fixture to a wall or deck!













Other Past Workshop Topics

Kitchen Layouts
Tile Kitchen and Bath Accents
Time-Saving Painting Tips
Hardwood Flooring Tricks
Installing Kitchen Cabinets
Rewiring Light Fixtures
Building Materials in the Arts, Presented by Studio Segundo
Crown Moulding
Hands On Fixing Drywall
Tile Backsplash Advanced Workshop
Power and Hand Tool Safety Class
Keeping your HVAC System to Maximum Efficiency
Plumbing 101
General Household Maintenance
Tiling Showers
"Hands On" Building Compost Bins & Cold Frames
Rehabbing a Bathroom
Turning Beer Kegs & Beer Bottles into Light Fixtures
Kitchen Electrical
Framing & Drywalling a New Closet
Asphalt Roofing
Creative Garden and Landscape Design Idea
Taping and Mudding Drywall
Fun & Easy Art Projects using TLD Materials
Preparing your Garden for the Spring


Kitchen Design with Mark Weaver - 5/19/18

Long-time workshop instructor Mark Weaver returned to teach the foundations of kitchen design, and the concepts of using reclaimed materials like cabinets.

Doors 101 with the Station North Tool Library - 5/5/18

Knock, knock....Arman Mizani from the Station North Tool Library returned to teach attendees all about doors! Participants learned about changing locksets and shaving down doors that no longer fit in their frames. Instruction also included the order of operations for hanging a new door, including mortising hinges and drilling holes for new lock sets.

Halloween Décor DIY - 10/21/17

TLD Staff member Colline showed attendees different types of spoopy decorations that could be made from materials found in the warehouse!

Each participant learned how to make chalkboard paint and created a chalkboard gravestone out of an old cabinet shelf!

Intro to Electrical - 10/14/17

Arman Mizani from the Station North Tool Library taught participants how to navigate electrical issues in old houses & how to complete projects like changing out light swtiches and ceiling fans. Attendees got to try out wiring and safety skills on a mock up circuit.

Wallpaper Upcycling - 9/9/17

Returning TLD instructor Abbey Wascovich led the workshop attendees through the process of making their own decorative wreaths!

Plumbing 101: Installing Fixtures - 7/8/17

Arman Mizani from the Station North Tool Library returned to demonstrate how to troubleshoot and install toilets and bathroom vanity tops!

Tools Skills & Safety for Home Care with Station North Tool Library - 4/8/17

Arman Mizani from the Station North Tool Library demonstrated how to safely use several different types of power tools. Participants got a chance to try each of the tools and were able to practice creating a miter joint.

The Station North Tool Library is a community hub and lending library located in the hert of Baltimore with over 2,000 tools, 25+ classes, and a public woodworking shop.

Visit from Open Works Baltimore Mobile - 4/1/17

Open Works, a maker space in Baltimore, has the mission to make tools, technology, and the knowledge to use them accessible.

Their mobile unit visited us and brought a CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machine that etched wood with a laser!

Cabinet Door Message Boards - 2/4/17

Workshop attendees made message boards out of repurposed cabinet doors! Our insturctor, Abbey, is a workshop attendee-turned-instructor, who brought in examples of ones she made from TLD materials!

Prepping & Painting Interior Walls - 12/3/16

TLD Staff member Amy demonstrated how to fix small imperfections in drywall to prepare for painting. She also demonstrated several different painting techniques!

Bricklaying - 10/22/16

Local homeowner Mike Bowman led a demonstration on working with bricks often found in Baltimore rowhomes. Participants got a chance to try out the repointing process and learn the nuances and tricks for working with older bricks.

Installing Ceramic Floor Tile - 4/9/16

Instructor Mark Weaver led a hands-on demonstration in installing floor tile.

Tiling with Reclaimed Roof Slate - 3/19/16

Local artist and TLD advocate Michael Metcalf showed how reclaimed roof slate can be used on walls too!

Screen Painting Workshop

TLD hosted an "Alternative Use" workshop on painting screens, a Baltimore tradition, taught by expert Screen Painter, Anna Pasqualucci.