Last updated 2/20/2020


Creative Reuse Exhibit

November 2019

Generous funding provided us the opportunity to showcase a permanent Creative Reuse exhibit in our warehouse. This is a collection of pieces created using repurposed materials, including some from TLD’s warehouse! 

From function to visual art, these pieces represent the creative reuse side of TLD and other amazing projects and missions supported by art. Many of these materials are used for their intended purposes and a lot go on to be used creatively and are repurposed into something more. 

Educational Reuse Signage

October 2019

Donated funds allowed us to create and install educational signage around our warehouse. Members can now learn about the importance of material reuse and the volume saved by TLD each year.

For example, did you know that over 4,000 doors are rescued from the landfill each year by TLD? If stood on top of one another, that would be 218 times taller than the Empire State Building!

Certified Wildlife Habitat

August & September 2019

Funds were generously donated to establish a certified wildlife habitat on TLD's property. The habitat includes fencing and raised garden beds containing native plants (built by A Workshop of Our Own), mason bee houses, a birdbath, and a rain water irrigation system!

New Parking Lot!

May 2019

TLD finally got a new parking lot after lots of fundraising efforts! Hole-y moly, we're glad those potholes are gone!

Front Entrance Updates

May 2019

Funding was donated to transform tubs into planters for the front of our warehouse! Local artist, Isaac Shay, created bases using reclaimed hardwood flooring and other materials from our warehouse.

We also replaced our battered banner with hand-painted signage done by local muralist, Nether.

New Signage

November 2018

A Workshop of Our Own (WOO) made a new sign for TLD out of materials from our warehouse. It looks like a miniature rowhouse and the "windows" are glass art featuring some of our community cats!

WOO is a collaborative professional woodshop and educational space for women and gender-nonconforming furniture makers.

Bricks, Brews & Crews Graffiti Event

September 2018

The Loading Dock, Inc. (TLD) partnered with Monument City Brewing Company and hosted a live, graffiti arts performance event featuring roughly 100 local and national graffiti artists who transformed the TLD property into an outdoor gallery of colorful murals, which is now one of the largest graffiti art collections in Maryland. Check out our pARTnership page for more photos or stop by and see them in person!







Past Happenings

Baltimore City College - Community Garden & Green Space

Spring 2018

BCC's Environmental Club is building a garden in their courtyard to act as an outdoor classroom, green space for students to share, filled with native species and even a composting system! The Loading Dock has been donating reclaimed lumber to help the students build their garden beds for this great project.

Sandtown South Neighborhood Alliance Community Garden

Fall 2017

The Neighborhood Alliance used donated materials from The Loading Dock to repair and update their community garden!

Civicworks & Baltimore Orchard Project

Earth Day 2017

These stepping stones were created during an Earth Day Volunteer event with tile and mirror donated by The Loading Dock! They were made to pair with a rain garden that was also made on that day.  This was done at Civic Work's Community Lots and Baltimore Orchard Project site in Hilltop at Clifton Park.

Maryland Community Health Initiatives, Inc. (Penn North)

February & March 2017

After a fire displaced people supported by the Maryland Community Health Initiatives, Inc. (Penn North) , so many clothing donations came pouring in that a donation center was needed. The Loading Dock donated bi-fold doors which were turned into shelving to store the donations.

Fells Point Fun Festival 2016

September 30 - October 2, 2016

We were so glad to collaborate with local artist Michael Metcalf again to feature installations created from materials from our warehouse!

Artscape 2017: "Camp Artscape: Adventure Awaits!"

The Loading Dock, Inc. had a cool time at the Artscape festival with our cooling station installation created by local artist Michael Metcalf, made from materials from our warehouse!

Artscape 2016: "Explore What's Out There"

"Sink or Fly" by The Loading Dock, Inc., created by Michael Metcalf. This piece was constructed from a variety of re-useable materials from The Loading Dock, Inc., including pallets, roof slate, and bathroom sinks.


Artscape 2015

Here's 2015's installation, created by Michael Metcalf

Artscape 2013

Artscape 2013
Here's 2013's installation, created by Michael Metcalf

Artscape 2011 & The Light Box Project

The Loading Dock (TLD) and Morgan State’s School of Architecture and Planning (MSU SA+P) partnered to create a structure out of TLD materials and a shipping container.  Students built this structure to create a workable office/educational space, with an emphasis on alternative use of those materials. For example, line the walls with commercial doors instead of drywall.  TLD donated 50% of the materials used, 85% of the materials are reused/reclaimed.

Reuse Demonstration - TLD and MSU SA+P showcased this project at ArtScape 2011 and it is now displayed at TLD's front entrance.

9/27/12 - Highlandtown Art Cart Race

TLD staff built an Art Cart racer for the Highlandtown Art Cart Race out of lumber, a sheet of laminate, a wheel chair, a running stroller & an office chair.

The Art Cart is currently on display in the TLD warehouse.