Last updated 2/20/2020


Graffiti & Street Art Collections

Bricks, Brews & Crews 2018

The Loading Dock, Inc. (TLD) partnered with Monument City Brewing Company and hosted a live, graffiti arts performance event featuring roughly 100 local and national graffiti artists who transformed the TLD property into an outdoor gallery of colorful murals, which is now one of the largest graffiti art collections in Maryland.

Baltimore Mobile Community Brick Factory June 2016

Marian April Glebes, in collaboration with Josh Copus, launched the Baltimore Mobile Community Brick Factory. This project was an extension of Glebes' year-long project, in partnership with The Loading Dock, at the Baltimore Museum of Art's Patricia and Mark Joseph Education Center.

The Baltimore Mobile Community Brick Factory made hand-processed bricks, using local Maryland clay and historic methods. Participants and visitors were invited to personalize and inscribe their stories in the handmade bricks at several sites, including at the BMA and The Loading Dock. The bricks made during this project will became part of roving public art installations over the course of the next year.

The Brick Factory at The Loading Dock!

The Loading Dock & The Contemporary Museum

The Contemporary is a nomadic, non-collecting art museum in Baltimore, Maryland. Their mission expands the idea of a museum as an incubator that commissions site-specific and subject-oriented projects. They engage diverse audiences and advance contemporary art through projects and educational programming.

The Contemporary's work is inspired by three guiding principles: artists matter, collaboration is key, and audience is everywhere.

A pARTnership & project at the former Peale Museum in Baltimore, MD

April - July 2016

The Contemporary presents Only When It's Dark Enough Can You See The Stars, a project with New York-based artist Abigail DeVille at the former Peale Museum located at 225 N. Holiday Street. Opened in 1814, the Peale Museum is the first building in the Western Hemisphere to be built and designed as a museum.
The Loading Dock donated most of the reclaimed materials used in the creation of the project.

Read more about this pARTnership project here.


The Loading Dock & the
Baltimore Museum of Art

Commons Collaboration: Architectural intervention

We were so fortunate and proud to be a part of the The Baltimore Museum of Art's Commons Collaboration project along with local artist,Marian April Glebes in 2016. This project was an incredible and thoughtful insight through Marian's journey exploring what "home" means, what makes a house a home, and community connections to these places and spaces, particularly in Baltimore.

We're looking forward to continuing our pARTnerships with both Marian and the BMA in the future. Stay tuned!

For media regarding this pARTnership, please visit our "In the News!" page here.

8/27/16 - Summative Artist Talk

Baltimore artist Marian April Glebes discussed her year-long project for the Commons Collaboration partnership with the BMA and The Loading Dock.

The Satellite installation that was located in The Loading Dock's warehouse.

Past PARTnership Workshops at the BMA

10/15/16 - Faux Taxidermy with SCRAP B-More and instructor Nancy Hotchkiss

6/4/16 - Make Your Own Decorative Trivet/Hot Plate with Mosaic Tiles, with Pat Stein Hosted at the BMA as part of our Collaborative Commons pARTnership

4/2/16 - Cove Base Rugs with Nancy Hotchkiss Hosted at the BMA as part of our Collaborative Commons pARTnership

2/6/16 - Make Your Own Key Holder with Reusable Hardware with Michael Metcalf Hosted at the BMA as part of our Collaborative Commons pARTnership