Below is a sample of our paint inventory. 

Due to quick moving stock, these specific items may or may not be here when you arrive. 

Please call the warehouse to inquire about what we have in stock.

(410) 558-3625

Last updated 1/13/21

Re-Mix Latex Paint

Remixed paint comes from our local county landfills, who collect partially full gallons and quarts of paint from their residents.

The paint is then mixed together by type and color to produce full 5 gallon buckets. Paint is "screened" to ensure a smooth quality.

Re-mixed paint has a satin to semi-sheen which can be seen on
the buckets' color swatches.

Interior Re-Mix Paint

(double-screened, various colors)

5 Gallons Buckets

Interior/Exterior Re-Mix Paint

Can be used indoors or outdoors!
(double-screened, various colors)

5 Gallons Buckets

Exterior Re-Mix Paint

(double-screened, various colors)

5 Gallons Buckets

This paint would be burned or otherwise disposed of at local landfills. Instead it is redistributed to the TLD warehouse where clients put it to good use, furthering the life span of the paint.

Paint Section

Our Paint Section also has a variety of quart paint (various colors, mostly interior).

Paint Quarts