Masonry & Lumber

Due to quick moving stock, these specific items may or may not be here when you arrive. 

Please call the warehouse to inquire about what we have in stock.

(410) 558-3625

Last updated 5/26/21

Some fee exclusions may apply.

Lumber & masonry orders must be verified by

TLD staff & paid for before loading materials into vehicles.


Please check back for fee updates & product availability.

Bricks & Pavers

Standard size brick fees:
(8" x 4" x 2")

Solid: 50/ea

Cored: 25 & up depending on size

Please call the warehouse to see what is currently in stock.

(410) 558-3625

Other brick sizes & pavers are priced as marked.


Inventory varies and rotates frequently, please call
the warehouse to inquire about specific materials.

Marble Blocks

4.5" thick x 15" deep: $112/pc

Lengths range 36" - 60", variety of hues in stock.

Landscaping & Decorative Stone

Priced as marked.