Floor Coverings

Inventory often includes hardwood flooring, carpet rolls & tile, linoleum rolls & floor tile.

Below is a sample of our flooring inventory.

Due to quick moving stock, these specific items may or may not be here when you arrive.

Please call the warehouse to inquire about what we have in stock.

(410) 558-3625

Last updated 1/13/21

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

$1/square foot unless otherwise marked

Reclaimed hardwood flooring from our warehouse before & after sanding/staining!

Carpet Rolls

33/square foot (new)

Carpet Tile

Available inventory of sizes varies. Please call the warehouse to inquire about what sizes are currently in stock.

Fees by size (gently used):

18" x 18": $1.25/ea

20" x 20": $1.75/ea

24" x 24": $2/ea

36" x 36": $4.50/ea

Linoleum Rolls

50/square foot (new)

Floor Tile

Variety of sizes & styles in stock.

Ceramic floor tile: $1 & up/square foot (new)

Stone, mosaic & decorative floor tile: $2 & up/square foot (new)

Ceramic wall tile also available: 80 & up/square foot (new)