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Workshops are held on Saturdays at the TLD warehouse, from 10:00 - Noon, unless otherwise specified. Seating is limited.

DIY Workshop Instructors Needed!

Enjoy doing DIY home improvement or creating upcycled art? Contact our Communications Director about becoming a TLD Workshop Instructor: cemmanuelle@loadingdock.org

Upcoming FREE DIY Workshops

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March 25 @ 10 AM - Installing Kitchen Cabinets

April 1 @ 10 AM - Open Works Mobile: Technology & Tools

April 8 @ 10 AM - Tools & Skills for Home Care with Station North Tool Library

April 29 @ 10 AM - Laying Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

March 25 @ 10 AM - Installing Kitchen Cabinets

Learn how to install wall and base cabinets. Pick up tips for adapting your kitchen design for reused cabinets.

April 1 @ 10 AM - Open Works Mobile: Tools & Technology

Open Works, a makerspace in Baltimore, has the mission to make tools, technology, and the knowledge to use them accessible and affordable.

Their mobile unit will be visiting The Loading Dock and demonstrating different available equipment, such as 3-D printers and CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines that can etch and cut wood with lasers!

(Not sharks with laser beams...)

April 8 @ 10 AM - Tool Skills & Safety for Home Care led by Station North Tool Library

Arman Mizani from the Station North Tool Library is coming to TLD's warehouse to teach basic skills and safety for using power tools for home care. Demonstration and hands-on learning for several different types of tools including the reciprocating saw and hammer drill.

The Station North Tool Library is a community hub and tool-lending library located in the heart of Baltimore with over 2000 tools, 25+ different classes, and a public woodworking shop.

April 29 @ 10 AM - Laying Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

This workshop will discuss sub-floor preparations, the different types of hardwood that can be used, how to develop cost estimates, and a materials resource list. The workshop will also provide participants with hands-on opportunities, such as using a chop saw and installing a piece of flooring using a pneumatic nailer.

Long-time TLD instructor, Lawrence Oliva, is a partner in Second Century Homes, a Baltimore-based home restoration company specializing in buying and restoring homes over 100 years old. He has restored several homes (and their wood floors) in Baltimore to historical preservation standards.